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The Beginning

Welcome to Everything Baby Party Planning where the littlest details make our baby parties sparkle! 

As a blessed mom of three boys (ages 4, 12 and 14), I've thrown countless parties over the years.  But, sometimes, ok - most of the time, I may go a bit overboard with the details... like the time my oldest turned 12 and I decided to throw him a haunted house sleepover party for his Halloween birthday.  Took me three weeks to construct the winding hallways in our basement, creeped out with flashing strobe lights, spooky music, hanging body bags, spiders and animatronics.  I knew the party was a success after the first kid peed his pants and the second decked my awesomly-zombied out face.  


Apart from being a mom and planning crazy parties, I spent 20 years in marketing planning corporate events (YAWN).  Anyway, a year and a half ago when I was folding dozens of tissue paper flowers for my bestie's fiesta-themed gender reveal party, it dawned on me... why am I planning structured events for cranky old business farts when I can plan parties for families embarking on the most amazing and happy journeys of their lives?  And it was that thought, that spark, that ignited the idea for Everything Baby Party Planning!

Why We Sparkle!

Your pregnancy baby glow lives on long after those 40 weeks because as soon as you meet your little bundle of joy, you will want nothing but the best parties to celebrate every milestone for your baby!  Everything Baby is just as excited as you are to make your baby party vision come to life.  We will focus on the littlest details to make your party unique, whether your want your baby's name splashed across an archway of balloons, a banner to match your little one's birthday outfit, or a dessert table to match a specific theme!  Together, we will create a most memorable and happy baby party! 

Birthday Party Table
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